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What is Geothermal?

Geothermal Energy is energy stored in the earth.  Like Solar Energy and Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy is another form of renewable energy that can be efficiently and safely harvested using resources from the Earth. However, unlike solar and wind energy, geothermal energy does not have to be converted into electricity to power electronic devices.  Geothermal Energy can simply be transfered from the Earth to heat and cool your home or business.


How it Works

Summer: Heat is taken from building to the ground Winter: Heat is taken from the ground to the building

The Sun's heat is absorbed and stored by the Earth, thus the term Geothermal.

The Earth is like a "solar battery," absorbing nearly half of the Sun's energy. The ground stays at a relatively constant temperature throughout the season, providing a warm heat source in the winter and a cool heat sink for the summer months. The Geothermal system simply transfers heat energy between the areas of hot or cold with the assistance of a Refrigeration System.

The Geothermal loop, installed under the Earth's surface, transfers energy between the Earth and the refrigeration equipment.  The refrigeration equipment, also called heat pumps, use the refrigeration cycle to pull energy from the Geothermal loop for heating or to reject heat into the Geothermal loop for cooling.

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Geothermal systems don't just offer a green solution to your heating and cooling needs, but Geothermal systems also offer economical advantages over typical HVAC options and Geothermal systems also tend to be more reliable.

Green Solution   Geothermal Energy is using the heat from the Earth to both heat and cool your building. Earth's energy is a renewable resource that is both abundant and sustainable. Geothermal systems are able to recover and move energy efficiently without using hazardous combustibles found in other HVAC systems.

The appearance of your building will also be improved if you choose Geothermal. Besides the obvious ecological benefits, Geothermal systems allow you to remove unsightly equipment from outside of your building both improving the appearance and removing unnecessary noise pollution. With Geothermal systems, your building will become more space efficient by reducing the need for large mechanical rooms.

Economical Advantages   Geothermal systems offer a higher performance system while saving you money. For every one unit of energy purchased, three to four are FREE! Over the increased life of the system, you will notice lower operating costs, lower life cycle costs, and a reduction in required maintenance.

Currently, the Government is offering multiple different tax incentives for "going green" and installing Geothermal HVAC systems. These tax incentives make the one time installation fee even more attractive on top of the lower life cycle costs.

Reliable   A reliable system - without a doubt - saves money in the long run, but reliable systems also saves you from an unnecessary head ache. While being able to remove the outside component from your building improves the appearance of your building, it will also make the system more reliable. The system is removed from the elements, reducing corrosion and degradation of the system and increasing the life of the system.

How Much Will You Save?

On top of saving the Earth by reducing your carbon foot print, Geothermal systems typically save up to 60% over conventional systems. These energy savings can typically pay for the system within four to eight years, depending upon your fuel consumption, installation costs, and which incentives and rebate you qualify for. 





Federal Tax Incentives

A wide variety of federal tax incentives and rebates are available to Geothermal customers. For more in-depth and up-to-date information, please visit the Department of Energy and ClimateMaster.

Residential   In residential systems, federal tax credits are 30% of the total system cost, with no limit to the credit amount. This credit can be used over more than one year. More information on residential tax incentives can be found at Energy Star and DSIRE.

Commercial   In commercial systems, federal tax credits are 10% of the total system cost, with no limit to the credit amount. This credit can also be used over more than on year. Or, a 10% grant is available in lieu of the tax credit. With both the tax credit or the grant, a 5 year MACR depreciation is available on the entire system.

Is Geothermal Right for You?


Do you want to save money? Do you pay for heating and/or cooling? Are you energy conscious? Do you own land?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Geothermal is the right alternative to you.

There is no doubt that choosing Geothermal will save money starting from the first day you use it. Even if you do not currently have air conditioning, a Geothermal system provided both heating and cooling with no additional cost to the system. Currently, Geothermal systems offer more advantages and a higher economic return than solar or wind energy, on top of all the added benefits Geothermal offers.

Whether you are located in an urban or rural area, Geothermal options are available.

Whether you are located on rock, water, or soil, Geothermal options are available.